Injection Gold Probe™ and Gold Probe™

Bipolar Hemostasis Catheters

The Injection Gold Probe and Gold Probe Bipolar Hemostasis Catheters are designed to provide uniform burn, effective coagulation, and en face tangential tamponade, even in difficult scope positions.



Product Details

Learn more about the features and benefits of the Injection Gold Probe, Gold Probe Bipolar Hemostasis Catheters and Endostat Generator.

  • Unique integrated injection and thermal hemostasis capabilities
  • Rounded Gold distal tip designed to provide excellent  conductivity, uniform burn and effective coagulation
  • Designed to reduce kinking, facilitating advancement and helping to provide better en face and tangential tamponade


Ordering Information


Injection Gold Probe Single-Use Electrohemostasis/Injection Catheters

Order Number O.D. (F/mm) Needle Gauge Needle O.D. (mm) Needle I.D. (mm) Minimum Working Channel (mm) Working Length (cm) Connector Units
M00560150 7/2.33 25
2.8 210 Standard Box 1
M00560160 10/3.33
3.7 201 Standard Box 1

Gold Probe Single-Use Electrohemostasis Catheters

Order Number O.D. (F/mm) Minimum Working Channel (mm) Working Length (cm) Connector Units
M00560070 7/2.33 2.8 300 Standard Box 1
M00560071 7/2.33 2.8 300 Standard Box 5
M00560100 10/3.33 3.7 300 Standard Box 1
M00560101 10/3.33 3.7 300 Standard Box 5
M00560220 7/2.33 2.8 350 Standard Box 1

Electrosurgical Bipolar Cable Adaptor/Generator

Order Number Description and Pin Spacing Generator Compatibility** Packaging
M00561440 Bipolar Cable Adapter - 18mm EMC (Coagulasem Dolley) Each
M00561450 Bipolar Cable Adapter - 22mm ERBE, EMC Dolley, Olympus (ESG100 & PSD60) Each
M00561460 Bipolar Cable Adapter - 25mm Lamidey (Optima 4) Each
M00561470 Bipolar Cable Adapter - 28mm Valleylab™, Lamidey (Duo), Bovie (Aaron 3250™), Olympus (UES10, UES30 & Surgemaster), Bowa, Soring Each
M00561480 Bipolar Cable Adapter - 28mm/third pin ConMed™ (System 5000), Bovie (Aaron 2250™), Ethicon® Each
M00561490 Bipolar Cable Adapter - 32mm/third pin ConMed (Sabre 180, Excalibur, System 7550) Each
M00561500 Bipolar Cable Adapter - 39mm Codman, Malis Each

**For generators and their associated cable adaptors not listed above, please contact your Boston Scientific Representative.