Soft Tissue Repair Matrix

CONFORMITY meets functionality.
Conformity meets functionality.

Xenform Soft Tissue Repair Matrix is designed to reinforce and facilitate a host tissue regeneration response where soft tissue weakness exists. Restoring vaginal form may be achieved using a fetal bovine dermal matrix processed for host tissue regeneration.

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Conforming and Soft
Conforming to the surgical site is important in repairing pelvic floor defects. With Xenform Matrix, vaginal form may be restored.

Desirable Handling Characteristics
Quick hydration, supple to touch, ease of suturing and large sizes are attributes physicians desire.

Strong, Consistent Thickness and Shelf Stable
Reliably strong, uniform pieces with no refrigeration requirements.



Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description Size (cm) Quantity
830241 M0068302410 Xenform Soft Tissue Repair Matrix 2 x 7 Each
830243 M0068302430 Xenform Soft Tissue Repair Matrix 4 x 7 Each
830245 M0068302450 Xenform Soft Tissue Repair Matrix 6 x 10 Each
830247 M0068302470 Xenform Soft Tissue Repair Matrix 8 x 12 Each

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