• eXcelon™ Transbronchial Aspiration Needle

    The eXcelon Transbronchial Aspiration Needle is intended for use in aspiration in carinal, paratracheal, and hilar lesions of the bronchial tree where biopsy forceps cannot obtain a submucosal sample.

    1. Pulmonology
  • Expect™ and Expect Slimline (SL) Endoscopic Ultrasound Aspiration Needles

    Physician preference matters. That's why we offer choices for handle size and shape, actuation/tactile feel, flexibility and durability of the needle.1 All needles have a highly visible echogenic pattern and a sharp needle tip grind.

    1. Gastroenterology
  • Interject™ Sclerotherapy Needles

    The Interject™ Sclerotherapy Needles are designed to provide access for injection therapy applications and may also be used for polypectomy and endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR).

    1. Endoscopy
    2. Gastroenterology