Single-Incision Sling System

Single incision sling system designed to be a potentially more efficient option in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. The mesh carrier tip snap-fits to the delivery device to prevent premature carrier slip-off and allow micro-adjustability during placement.

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Product Details

Mesh Carrier and Assembly

  • The barb design is intended to track smoothly through tissue
  • Snap-fit delivery device is designed to help prevent premature carrier slip-off
  • Mesh length is 9cm

  • Mesh assembly placement is designed to be away from critical structures, such as the obturator bundle

Delivery Device

  • Designed to seat carrier where placed
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Mid-line marker designed to facilitate guidance for accurate placement

Ability to Tighten

  • Tensioning by delivery device advancement
  • Carrier snap-fit on delivery device tip designed to facilitate placement control

Ability to Loosen

  • With carrier snap-fit on the delivery device tip, the delivery device is designed to allow retraction if needed

  • Note: Once the carrier is deposited in the tissue, it is not designed to be reconnected onto the shaft tip for additional tension/adjustment.

De-Tanged Polypropylene Material

  • Designed to Reduce Irritation. The polypropylene mesh is de-tanged in the suburethral portion to potentially reduce irritation to the urethral wall.


  • Resists Deformation The suburethral portion of the mesh is de-tanged to potentially resist deformation.


Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description Quantity
850700 M0068507000 Solyx SIS System Single Unit

Each System includes One (1) Delivery Device and One (1) Mesh Assembly


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