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  • INGEVITYᵀᴹ MRI Pacing Lead Family

    INGEVITY™ is designed from the ground up for the MR environment, enabling scanning in 1.5T and 3T MRI machines, and an improved implant experience. 99,5% of implanters positively rated INGEVITY™ on lead handling and maneuverability.1

    1. Electrophysiology
  • Relianceᵀᴹ 4-Front Implantable Defibrillation Lead

    RELIANCE 4-FRONT leads are 7.3F (2,4 mm), steroid-eluting, endocardial cardioversion/defibrillation and pace/sense leads. 4-FRONT is built on the reliable RELIANCE™ platform and has a smart size reduction while maintaining insulation thickness.

    1. Electrophysiology