LightTrail™ TracTip™

Single Use Holmium Laser Fiber

This is the first ball-tip fiber designed from the ground up for Auriga™ Holmium Lasers – to maximize procedural efficiency, reduce costly scope damage and improve the surgical experience.

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LightTrail™ TracTip™ Flyer LightTrail TracTip Scope Liner Video LightTrail TracTip and Auriga™ XL Brochure LightTrail TracTip and Auriga™ 30 Brochure

Product Details

The Right Fit from End-to-End

Enhanced Access.

Enhanced Access.

The 273μm core diameter facilitates access even in the most challenging cases.3
Integrated laser recognition.  LightTrail TracTip Fibers are encoded to Auriga Holmium Lasers, so the console detects when the fiber has been connected.1 A precise optical fit between fiber and console increases power and reduces the risk of fiber fracture.1
Efficient energy transmission.

Efficient energy transmission.

Patented Black Hole™ Connector Technology with tapered fiber captures laser energy more efficiently.1

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Ordering Information

Product Code Description Unit
M0068F64650 LightTrail™ TracTip™ single use, 270μm Each