High Power Single-Use Laser Fiber

Flexiva Fibers offer a new technology designed to handle high power requirements while performing at a high degree of flexibility and durability for all your cases.


Latex Information



Product Details

Durability and Flexibility

  • The Flexiva 200 and 365 Fibers are engineered to perform at bend diameters smaller than a fully deflected flexible ureteroscope to reduce damage and breakage.
  • The FlexShield™ Coating is designed for higher power input at tighter bend diameters.
  • The Flexiva 200 Fibers can withstand a 1.0 cm bend diameter at 2.0 J and 25 Hz (50W).

Laser Polished Output Tip

  • Designed to remove sharp edges and reduce imperfections from mechanical or hand cleaving.

Non-Tapered Guided Connector

  • Designed to maximize performance by delivering consistent high output efficiency at the treatment site.
  • Compatible with the optical parameters of Lumenis VersaPulse™ PowerSuite™ Lasers.

Laser Compatibility

  • Laser compatibility is a key component of laser fiber performance.
  • The Flexiva Fibers are designed for and cleared for use on Lumenis Holmium and Dual Wavelength Laser Systems.

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.


Ordering Information

UPN Description Quantity
M0068403910 Flexiva 200 Laser Fiber Each
M0068403920 Flexiva 365 Laser Fiber Each
M0068403930 Flexiva 550 Laser Fiber Each
M0068403940 Flexiva 1000 Laser Fiber Each
M0068403911 Flexiva 200 Laser Fiber Box 5
M0068403921 Flexiva 365 Laser Fiber Box 5
M0068403931 Flexiva 550 Laser Fiber Box 5
M0068403941 Flexiva 1000 Laser Fiber Box 5

For use with Lumenis VersaPulse PowerSuite Laser Systems.