Torqueable Microcatheter

Direxion’s navigability (even without wire).
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Direxion’s navigability (even without wire).
Direxion is the first Nitinol microcatheter
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Direxion™ Torqueable Microcatheter
Small 2.4F (0.79mm) Direxion microcatheter
Large 2.8F (0.92mm) Direxion microcatheter

Reposition without a wire.
First Nitinol microcatheter for enhanced Steerability and Control.
NOW with improved tip shapes and hydrophilic coating - Direxion™ combines a slotted nitinol hypotube technology with a fully customizable portfolio of microcatheters for clinical flexibility.

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Product Details

Direxion™ - A steerable microcatheter

Direxion is the first Nitinol microcatheter 

  • Unique nitinol design gives Direxion unrivaled torqueability while maintaining excellent trackability and flexibility.
  • Slotted nitinol hypotube combined with braided inner liner is providing amazing pushability.

Such a pushability will help Direxion track onto the wire and overcome resistance encountered in tortuous and complex anatomies.

Designed to enhance steerability and control

Dirextion illustration

Large 2.8F (0.92mm) & small 2.4F (0.79mm) microcatheters


Direxion microcatheters compatibility

Direxion HI-FLO
Guidewire Size ≤ 0.018" ≤ 0.021"
Diagnostic Catheter Size 0.035" 0.038"
0.018" Embolic Coil Yes No
Non-Spherical Embolic Particles ≤ 500 Micron ≤ 700 Micron
Spherical Embolic Particles  ≤ 710 ≤ 900 Micron
Chemical Agents (Glue, DMSO, Alcohol, Chemotherapy) Yes Yes
*0.018’’=0.46mm, 0.021’’=0.53mm, 0.035’’=0.89mm, 0.038’’=0.97mm

A complete and customizable offering

Direxion Microcatheters Family:
The choice in the system. The choice in the wire.

Direxion™- 2.4F (0.79mm)*

  • Microcatheter (wire not included)
  • Pre-Loaded with Transend™-14 Guidewire
  • Pre-Loaded with Fathom™-16 Guidewire
*0.021’’ lumen = 0.53 mm
Direxion Microcatheters

Direxion HI-FLO™ - 2.8F (0.92mm)*

  • Microcatheter (wire not included)
  • Pre-Loaded with Fathom™-16 Guidewire
  • Pre-Loaded with Transend™-18 Guidewire
*0.027’’ lumen = 0.69 mm
Direxion Microcatheters HI-FLO

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