Deep Brain Stimulation System

GUIDE™ DBS Software is a simulation system that allows you to plan the programming of a patient with a Vercise Deep Brain Stimulation System. GUIDE DBS uses a patient’s pre-op Magnetic Resonance (MR) and post-op Computerized Tomography (CT) to display the simulated DBS lead(s) relative to an anatomical atlas.

EPDA Dystonia Europe Vercise Indications, Safety and Warnings

GUIDE Deep Brain Stimulation System

GUIDE DBS is the world's first deep brain stimulation (DBS) visualization system based on more than a decade of research and science and validated in more than 30 peer-reviewed publications. GUIDE DBS provides clinicians with 3D visualization information that simulates stimulation output, which may reduce programming time and enable more precise targeting of therapy. With GUIDE DBS, physicians are able to visualize the relative position of lead location and utilize stimulation field models within the brain.

Combined with the Vercise™ DBS System, innovative GUIDE DBS technology has been developed to provide the most advanced deep brain stimulation technology to neurologists, neurosurgeons and patients. By visualizing the advanced stimulation options of the Vercise DBS System, clinicians can provide more tailored stimulation therapy to help meet patient needs.