Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator

Only the X4 quadripolar CRT-D provides 17 pacing vectors plus industry-leading projected longevity for more streamlined patient care.

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Product Details


Models G150, G151, G156, and G158

  • The X4 CRT-D and ACUITY™ X4 lead portfolio features electrodes on a 3D spiral designed to allow pacing from a basal location without sacrificing fixation or thresholds; 17 pacing vector options to manage around PNS and high thresholds; and multiple lead shapes with a 2.6F (0.86 mm) tapered lead tip to improve predictability of accessing target vessels.
  • Projected to last 8+ years under true usage conditions.
  • This small (32.0 cm3) and thin (9.9 mm) high-energy device is designed to enhance patient comfort.
  • Offers an advanced system solution for patient comorbidities and HF monitoring (AP Scan, HF Perspectiv™ report, LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management with weight scale and blood pressure sensors, and Respiratory Rate Trend).
  • Offers AcuShock™ Advanced Technology, multiple programmable options to reduce inappropriate and unnecessary shocks, including a choice of rhythm discriminators, RhythmID™ with RhythmMatch™ (customization of Rhythm ID algorithm), antitachycardia pacing (ATP) therapy in all rates zones, and advanced sensing and filtering.
  • Wireless ECG saves time and simplifies follow-up.
  • EasyView™ header and color coded lead ports designed to make the implant experience more efficient.
  • SafetyCore™ technology is intended to provide lifesaving shock therapy and basic pacing functionality in the event of an unrecoverable fault.

Mechanical Specifications

Model Type Size (cm) 
(W x H x D) 
Mass (g)  Volume (cm3) Connector Type (RA RV LV)
G158  X4 CRT-D  5.37 x 8.18 x 0.99  73.8 32.5 RA:IS-1;RV:DF4;LV:IS4
G156  X4 CRT-D  5.37 x 8.18 x 0.99  73.4 32.0 RA:IS-1;RV:IS-1/DF–1;LV:IS4
G150  CRT-D  5.37 x 8.18 x 0.99  73.6 32.5 RA:IS-1;RV:DF4;LV:IS-1
G151 CRT-D  5.37 x 8.18 x 0.99  72.8 32.0 RA:IS-1;RV:IS-1/DF–1;LV:IS-1

Pulse Generator Longevity (all Models a,b,c,d)

Volume (cc) Longevity (years) at 500Ω and 700Ω
Pacing Impendance (RV and LV)
RA/RV LV 500Ω 700Ω
2.5 V 2.5 V 8.1 8.6
2.5 V 2.5 V 7.6 8.2
3.5 V 2.5 V 6.8 7.5
2.5 V 2.5 V 5.7 6.5

Longevity Information1

  • For longevity calculations based on different settings please contact Boston Scientific technical services or your local representative.
  • Boston Scientific devices have corporate warranties at 6 years in available geographies.
  • Devices use Li/MnO2  chemistry.
  • The Usable Battery Capacity is 1.9 Amp-hours (typical implant to battery capacity depleted).
  • Shelf life is 2 years (before use by).