The Everest Challenge: Fighting for Men’s Health

You can achieve anything as long as you believe in it – there are no limits!

What is the Everest Men’s Health Challenge?

The Everest Men’s Health Challenge demonstrates a Boston Scientific employee’s endeavour to reach the top of Mount Everest, where he will leave a flag marking BSC’s commitment to helping men take back control of their lives.

Urological diseases are still taboo for many men and thus remain undetected, which is why awareness for men’s health issues needs to be raised to the public agenda. 

Who is Slavi Nestorov?

Slavi Nestorov is a Boston Scientific Distributor Relationship Manager from  Bulgaria who spends almost every day in hospitals and with care givers. Slavi’s Everest journey was inspired by seeing patients that did not consult healthcare professionals until it was almost too late. By reaching the top of Mount Everest, Slavi is passionate about driving awareness and encouraging others to break down those taboos.

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