…to share knowledge, experience and interact with experts through presentation and hands-on sessions, attend the Boston Scientific Symposium and Training Village sessions @ PCR London Valves. From these sessions you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to expand treatment options in TAVI from access to delivery, review recent clinical evidence and see how we can help you advance your practice beyond products. Together we are Advancing Science for Life!


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Extending Options to Address Evolving Needs in TAVI

Monday, September 10th: 13:00 - 14:40 (London time) | Room 2
Chairpersons: Helge Moellmann, Nicolas Van Mieghem - Surgical Discussant: Thomas Walther

Attend this session if you want:

  • To understand how advances in device technology can expand vascular access options for transcatheter valve implantation
  • To recognize how the ACURATE and LOTUS valves can advance practice in key patient subsets
  • To learn how TAVI procedural challenges can be met in daily clinical practice

Program outline
  • Session objectives | Nicolas Van Mieghem
  • Assessing the need for cerebral protection in TAVI | Nicolas Van Mieghem
  • Expanding access options in patients with challenging anatomy (case-based discussion) | Andreas Rück
  • Current evidence in TAVI patients using the ACURATE and LOTUS Valves | Giuseppe Tarantini
  • Closing the evidence gap in emerging TAVI populations | Julinda Mehilli
  • Implementing an efficient TAVI program (case-based discussion) | Rajesh Kharbanda
  • Session evaluation and key learnings | Helge Moellmann

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Cerebral Embolic Protection:
From Emerging Technology to Standard of Care

Tuesday, September 11th 13:00 - 13:45 (London time) | Room 4
Sponsored by Claret Medical (a Boston Scientific company)
Chairpersons: Didier Tchéché, Nicolas Van Mieghem

Attend this session if you want:

  • To appreciate the role of cerebral protection in improving patient safety during TAVI procedures
  • To understand how cerebral protection was implemented as standard of care in two high profile centres in Europe and the US
  • To learn how cerebral protection can be easily integrated into high volume TAVI programs using a minimalist approach

Program outline
  • Session objectives | Nicolas Van Mieghem
  • The role of Sentinel in minimalist TAVI procedures | Daniel Blackman
  • Real-world European experience of cerebral protection | Nicolas Van Mieghem
  • Experience from a high volume US TAVI centre | Sam Dawkins
  • Session evaluation and key learnings | Didier Tchétché


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Abstracts & Posters Presentations

Monday, September 10th from 9:00 (London time)

Abstracts - Outcomes with contemporary TAVI devices | Room 4 Level 01

Four-year outcomes with a fully repositionable and retrievable percutaneous aortic valve in 250 high surgical risk patients: results from the REPRISE II trial extended cohort

  • Time: 9:00
  • Oral Presentation: D. Blackman


TAVI for severe aortic valve stenosis with the ACURATE neo2™ valve system: 30-day safety and performance outcomes

  • Time: 9:26
  • Oral Presentation: H. Möllmann


One-year outcomes with the transcatheter LOTUS Edge™ aortic valve system

  • Time: 10:18
  • Oral Presentation: M. Götberg

e-Posters - No scheduled presentation

First experience with a novel 14Fr expandable sheath in patients undergoing TAVI with a newer generation self-expandable valve

  • Oral Presentation: A. Rück

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Training Village Expanding your reach in TAVI: From Access to Delivery


Learn how to address current and future needs in Structural Heart Valves disease with latest procedural and device innovations

  • ACURATE neoTM Aortic Valve System: Optimizing TAVI with a self-expanding supra-annular device
  • iSLEEVETM introducer set: Expanding patient access into increasingly complex vasculatures
  • SAFARI2TM pre-shaped Guidewire: Enhancing patient safety
  • LOTUS EdgeTM Aortic Valve System: Complete control with a mechanically expandable device addressing specific patient needs
  • SENTINEL™ Cerebral Protection System (CPS): Learn how Protected TAVI™ with SENTINEL CPS can help to reduce TAVI-related stroke


See how you can optimize your TAVI practice with our healthcare solutions

  • EDUCARETM:  How education and training programs can help you advance your practice
  • ADVANTICSTM Innovative Healthcare Solutions: transitioning to value-based healthcare


Attend a session that contains a mix of hands-on and discussion with our clinical specialists. 

Open sessions of 30 minutes on a first come first served basis. 

On-site pre-registration possible. Come & meet us at the training village!

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Sunday, September 9th: 13.30 - 16.30

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