Taking a New Approach to Product Development Through Innovation and Collaboration

Boston Scientific has combined a 25 year legacy of stent expertise, an ongoing commitment to technological innovation and a culture of putting customer need and expectation at the heart of all we do in our RoadRunner program.  Boston Scientific has created RoadRunner – a dedicated stent innovation centre to respond to physician’s needs for rapid evolution of stent designs.1 This RoadRunner team is a small, cross-functional team operating as a start-up company within Boston Scientific and based in Galway in Ireland. Having identified a need, the RoadRunner team works with key physicians to bring the right product to market.1

1 Regulatory activities will be completed prior to commercialisation.

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What is RoadRunner Video

What is RoadRunner Video
“ Innovation goes beyond technology. It’s about collaborating with our customers in a new way so we are getting the feedback we need and making decisions and adjustments in real time.”

Gary Jordan
Director of Research and Development

RoadRunner Powers Stent Innovation

RoadRunner Article

Is it possible for a medical device company to develop a new product that meets clinical needs of physicians within 6 months? Boston Scientific has launched two such products and that stent team is called RoadRunner. The RoadRunner team works with physicians from all regions of the world to evaluate new product development projects.

Quick Guide to RoadRunner

RoadRunner Success Stories: WallFlex™ Soft Colonic and Duodenal Stents

Enteral Stent Solution

At Boston Scientific we are passionate about stent innovation. That’s whywe have founded our RoadRunner stent innovation centre. Although BSC produces market leading enteral stents in WallFlex Colonic and WallFlex Duodenal1, the RoadRunner team has created two new enteral stent options with our new WallFlex Colonic Soft stent and WallFlex Duodenal Soft stent. WallFlex Soft's new features include:

Bench tests demonstrate that WallFlex Enteral Soft has greater flexibility than WallFlex Enteral.2

New 9F sized Delivery System for use in a 3.2mm channel scope.

Bench tests demonstrate that WallFlex Enteral Soft has lower radial force than current WallFlex Enteral.2

1. Market data on file in Boston Scientific Europe
2. Bench data on file at Boston Scientific indicates a significantly (p<.01) lower radial force and greater flexibility. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

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