Green Teams

Groups of employee volunteers are forming local Green Teams in order to work together to reduce the impact on the environment at their locations and within their local communities.

Working in Communities Around the World

St. Paul, MN -
The Green Team That Never Stops

Formed in 1996, the St. Paul Green Team is Boston Scientific’s oldest and perhaps most active team.  The aggregate environmental benefits from their 18 years of volunteer effort are “monumental”, in terms of magnitude and variety.

For their Fall 2014 project, the St. Paul Green Team partnered with the MN Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Adopt-a-River, and other local groups to continue clean-up of Pigs Eye Island in St. Paul, the largest Great Blue Heron rookery in the Midwest.  Seventeen Boston Scientific employees, their family members and two MN DNR staff members turned out on a chilly Saturday morning for the event.  After a brief history lesson of the area and a safety talk, the group was ferried over to the island where they worked to clean up trash and other debris.  Among the items found were hundreds of plastic bottles, discarded tires, steel barrels, and a full-size recliner.  All items were staged and then shipped off the island for proper disposal.   Boston Scientific has now participated in eight clean ups of Pigs Eye Island dating back to 2005, during which time more than a monumental 6,000,000 pounds of garbage have been removed from the area.

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Dorado, Puerto Rico -
Environment and Education

Building on their past successes, the Dorado Green Team organized an on-site event, as part of the site’s i-Care program, which resulted in over 300 employee “Green Act” pledges.   The acts ranged from employees taking steps in their homes to reduce their family’s environmental footprint, to planting trees on the facility site, and conducting clean ups.

In 2014, the Dorado Green Team visited the Luis Munoz Rivera Elementary School, and talked with students about the importance of the environment.  The students then made signs from recycled beach wood to share some of the lessons they learned with the community.  Soon after the school visit, the Green Team organized and held a clean-up of the Ojo del Buey Beach, with more than 170 volunteers, including students, participating.  As a result of the event, over 1,000 pounds of trash were removed from the beach, and the students’ signs were mounted across the beach area to spread their message of environmental responsibility.

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Galway, Ireland -
Bringing Environmental Sustainability to Boston Scientific

In 2014, the Boston Scientific Galway Green Team organised an on-site event to highlight how Galway employees could incorporate sustainable technologies into their home lives and be inspired to make efforts toward conservation and preservation of our planet for current and future generations.  BSC Galway invited outside groups to showcase various sustainability options such as energy efficient lighting, electric cars, rainwater harvesting, water conservation, solar technology and environmentally friendly products.

The Green Team also recruited volunteers to partake in future community sustainability projects, and oversaw a sustainability survey with close to 500 employees responding. It was a spectacular success with nearly 2,000 employees passing through the event.

“This was a unique opportunity to showcase how employees could incorporate sustainable technologies into their everyday lives and to provide a forum where they could engage in our future sustainability projects,” said Kevin Fitzgerald, Environment, Health & Safety Manager.

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Photos of Green Teams at Work


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