Our Footprint

Continuously working to reduce our environmental footprint. 

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Located in Quincy, MA, this 1.28 megawatt solar energy system will generate an average of 1,685,000 kilowatt hours a year, approximately 25% of the facility's energy needs, or enough power to serve 145 average-sized American homes a year.

This facility is home to our International Distribution center, which distributes more than 15.8 million medical device units per year to all 50 US states and 46 countries.

"Boston Scientific is proud to be the host of one of the largest rooftop solar installations in Massachusetts," said Ken Pucel, executive vice president, Global Operations, Quality and Technology, Boston Scientific. "We support efforts to enhance environmental performance and integrate environmental sustainability into our processes. This project is one of the many ways we show our commitment to sustainable principles across the organization."

The project was developed by HelioSage Energy, a national developer of large-scale solar projects, in collaboration with Consolidated Edison Solutions, Inc. (ConEdison Solutions), a leading energy services company and a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc. ConEdison Solutions serves as project owner/operator and sells the electricity produced by the system to Boston Scientific through a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement.

Clean Energy Leader

"Thanks to the leadership of companies like Boston Scientific, Massachusetts is a national clean energy leader," said Rick Sullivan, secretary, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. "We encourage the private sector to follow Boston Scientific's lead and help expand Massachusetts' embrace of clean and renewable power."

International Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Underscoring our international commitment to environmental sustainability, the Quincy complex is one of 13 sites worldwide certified under the globally recognized ISO14001:2004 standard for environmental management systems, as established by the International Standards Organization.

Boston Scientific has also been certified in the "FTSE4Good" Corporate Social Responsibility Index fund since 2004. Managed by the London Stock Exchange Group, the stock index measures the performance of companies that meet globally recognized standards of corporate responsibility. 

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Yokohama Facility Joins Global Sustainability Program

After settling into its new home, our Yokohama, Japan distribution center has joined into the global sustainability program, with a focus on recycling and waste reduction. 

Relocating to a new building in 2013, the environmental team has since expanded on its past environmental practices taking full advantage of the new facility.

The center's recycling program has progressed from corrugated cardboard to now including plastic wrap, plastic banding material, wooden pallets, and paper. In addition, to reduce the generation of waste, they have also implemented a pilot program to assess the feasibility of internally re-using some corrugated containers and some packing materials.

These combined efforts have resulted in the facility reducing their solid waste generation rate about 40% from their 2012 rate.

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