Join us to raise awareness about stroke on the World Stroke Day

The World Stroke Organization and Boston Scientific partner again on World Stroke Day (October, 29th) to raise awareness about stroke.

Each year, around 17 million people across the globe suffer from a stroke, with life-altering effects on both those who are affected and those closest to them.

This year, World Stroke Day marks the launch of “I am Woman: stroke affects me”, a global campaign around women and stroke to help raise awareness about this silent epidemic, risk factors and prevention.

Stroke is the leading cause of disability worldwide. However, why focus on women?

Women have a higher stroke mortality rate than men: one in five is at risk of stroke, as opposed to one in six men.

Women also have elevated stroke risk factors, they tend to have worse outcomes than men, and a higher risk of post-stroke depression.

There is a gender gap in stroke education. Despite the fact that women tend to be more aware of the stroke signs and treatments than men, they delay going to the hospital after stroke onset and are less likely to be aware of the 4.5 hour window for stroke treatment.

Stroke is largely preventable through lifestyle management, yet to beat stroke, women need gender-specific information, preventative practices, and acute and long-term care and support.

The call to action for this World Stroke Day is to educate ourselves on stroke and how to prevent it.

Remember: protect yourself and the women in your lives.


(Images courtesy of the World Stroke Organization)